(Spiritual Guidance)

Since childhood, volunteering and focusing on helping others have been an essential in Halley Elise’s world. In her latter years she decided that, in addition to her Judaic background, it would be beneficial to become a Non-denominational Minister; enabling a further reach. Halley’s dissertation was on what her life ministry would be, and is. Halley’s ordination service was private and took place in 2000.

Even prior to her ordination it has been Halley’s goal to help humanity be kinder and more tolerant of each other, to understand the value of managing stress and to be cognizant of honoring the self, while being grateful to one’s higher power.

Official duties include- professional, personalized, unique ceremonies:

  • Weddings

  • Funerary and Memorial services

Private, in-office, Spiritual Guidance sessions:
Your Spiritual Guidance session with Halley Elise puts you at ease, enhances your decision-making ability, gives you insight, confidence, and life clarity… as well as motivation to seek out and develop your connection with the Divine on a greater scale.

Serving the Broward County, Dade County, Palm Beach and regional area.  Willing to travel to make your event special.

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