Halley is available in Florida at the Boca Raton office.
Monday thru Friday: 11AM – 4PM
One evening each week: 6PM – 10PM

Halley prepares for your private session by going into a meditative prayer state; she connects with Universal Wisdom and asks to be guided with love, so the information revealed is from the Divine. The truths received are direct, yet loving & constructive.

Each session is unique. No matter the type of service, a Psychic Reading or a Hypnosis session for smoking cessation; no two people require the same counsel.

If you reside outside of the area, some services may be available to you by phone, post or online. Payments for out of office services are prepaid. Our secure merchant account online (Paypal) will process your funds.


Halley Elise is renowned for her ability to listen and see the unseen, infinite patience and gentle guidance.

Directed by Divine Intelligence and using many psychic aspects and modalities, Halley Elise is able to give confirmation of past events, inform you of your future, bring clarity to issues, advise you on current matters, and assist you in ridding yourself of unwanted behaviors. You are provided with powerful insight & are in turn empowered by your experience.

Throughout the years Halley has been told that her accuracy rate ranges between 97% and 99%.

Have Halley Elise as your Keynote Speaker.
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