Alternatives- Business in the future is booming

Boca Raton - Monday, August 11th 2008

Palm Beach Post Staff Reporter: Kelly Wolfe
Palm Beach Post Staff Photographer: Uma Sanghv
(Image modified by Halley Elise to fit this page)

  In uncertain times, folks flock to specialists in alternative approaches to life.

People come to Halley Elise, sit across from her and watch her eyes while she watches theirs- hoping she'll see something heartening in a future that seems, at least now, a bit bleak.

There was a time when many curiosity seekers came to see this psychic- people tingling with the desire to try something out of the ordinary, or people who simply wanted her to confirm what they already knew.

But that's not the case anymore. Now, people want to hear that everything is going to be all right. And no one is sure. So for Halley Elise, the future is suddenly big business.

"A lot of people complain of being out of sync, overwhelmed in their normal environment"," Elise said. "They are feeling uncomfortable with what the future holds".

Gas prices are high. Consumer confidence is low. More houses are on the market, selling at a lower price. There are fewer jobs and dozens of people out of work.

But that's a good thing for professionals such as Elise who specialize in seeing, planning and dealing with the future -- because business is thriving. 

Elise said her client list has increased 15 percent over the past year.

"Halley. . . has taught me to listen to my intentions", client Francesca Tillem said." I have also learned to let things go and to believe and love myself".

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