~ Hi Halley

I sent you an invite to my event Heal Yourself With Belly dance , which you helped inspire.   Actually had been thinking of doing this for 2 years, but after your reading, the powers that be took over and this came out of it.
Someone actually approached me to do it, or I would have not taken action. But now I am in action, and creating. So thank you!   Thank you for believing in me and being such an integral part of my journey.   You have been a blessing. You of course can use my note as a testimonial.

Thank you !!
Ro Dancer
April 26, 2017

~ Good Morning Halley,

I just wanted to send you the biggest thank you ! You helped my family in such an emergency time of need and I am forever thankful for your powerful gift. Not only were you able to help lead authorities in the right direction you were able to pin point to the tee the exact scenario pretty much of what was going on. You were fast, kind, and incredible! My family and I owe you so much that we could never afford to give back to you for helping us find my missing brother safely! Thank you so much for working with us & blessing us with your gift. My brother a diabetic went missing for one week straight and you were able to actually help us find him, with out you and your gift we probably wouldn't of made it in time and unfortunately he probably would of committed suicide. I am forever grateful for the help you've given my family and may God bless you and all your family.Thank you sooo sooo much from the bottom of all our hearts! My brother is doing well now and is in the proper care of doctors & treatments, all thanks too you! God bless ! Thank you thank you! Om Shanti ����

Brittany L.   02/22/2017


~ Hi Halley

I hope you are well. I saw you about six months ago and have been very impacted by many things that you have made me aware of over all of these months. A lot of your advice has really helped me personally, professionally and spiritually! I just want you to know that I’ve referred of couple of my friends to you, in case you see them soon . I’d love to see you again by the end of this year!

Have a great day xo


~  Dear Halley,
Just listening to the recording I made of our last meeting calms me down so much, you cannot put a price on the feeling I get from it.

Please stay in Boca!!! I couldn’t imagine not having your guidance in the future for the situation I am in. Knowing you are here makes me feel so much less alone and scared that you know I will be coming to you periodically.

Bless you and I will speak with you later.


~  The reading we got for my husband just about blew us away.... She is right to the point and her information so correct.  She brought up things that there was no way she would know.  Medical conditions, pets... future events coming up.... And so much more. I love her charm and friendly manner... someone I would honor to have as a friend!!

Mena Malmros


~  Regarding Halley Elise's Psychic Gallery, Monday, 8/4/14.

Halley is a friend, a mentor and an extremely talented Psychic. Halley is very compassionate and accurate with her readings. She literally helped me to reshape my life during a very tough period. I am forever grateful for her guidance and friendship. I am truly honored to be a part of her program. I encourage you to follow your temptation, in this case, and join us.
You may find this to be a very important first step in building the life that you dream of.

Keith Everette Brooks


~  Halley Elise is simply the best! Always on point and the sessions are simple conversations that turn into reality 99.5% of the time. If you are looking for the real psychic, you found Halley! Last conversation we had she said my daughter would be travelling out of the states and yesterday she booked a trip to Barcelona! So what are you waiting for? Call her now!

M Adriana Guardia reviewed Halley Élise on 09/04/2014
at The Psychic Gallery page on FaceBook

~  You’ve Got Questions and Halley Elise Has Answers!

During a recent reading with Halley Elise she presented me with such a wealth of information that it wasn’t until I looked over my notes that I was able to absorb and digest everything. I knew Halley was a talented psychic and had read the website describing her skills, but I have to admit, the quality and nature of the information given me, surpassed what I expected. Specifically, Halley provided me with insights that were accurate and I could put to use immediately!

Halley is known as the Empowerment Psychic, but “empowerment” does not totally describe everything. In fact, there really is no single word for what Halley can do for her clients using her considerable repertoire of intuitive gifts. Yes, there is much empowerment in the information you receive in your reading with Halley, but there is much, much more. There are facts that you can use, gentle guidance to aid with your life path, and there is information and practical advice presented in a loving, healing manner.

I was so thrilled with my reading. As any situation that was particularly challenging would come to light, Halley was able to offer helpful suggestions on how to resolve it. Her extensive knowledge and years of experience allowed her to offer recommendations that were immediately useful. I would have needed to make a number of appointments with several professionals, to receive all of the benefits that I received in just one hour with Halley Elise. Even then, I would have to hope they would have her wise, intuitive style!

It’s a trait of the human condition, looking for ways to increase our chances for the good things in life; such as happiness, wealth, and longevity. Spending time with Halley will allow you to do exactly that. Celebrate you with a reading with Halley Elise - you’ll be glad that you did!

Mary Collins, Palm Beach Florida


~  I had the opportunity to attend Halley Elise’s recent psychic show at the New York Comedy Club in Boca Raton last night after meeting her at one of my recent events. She was an absolute delight! Her warm energy put the audience at ease while her knowledge for all things energy helped folks further understand the nature of how intuition works – even their own.

Her segment was inspiring, warm-hearted and thorough. She answered the many questions with a sort of “I want to reach in and heal you” intention. An intention I heard with my own intuition and admired.

Frankly, I loved it and loved her! I have witnessed in person many world-class psychics such as John Holland, Lisa Williams and Collette Baren Reid with great respect. What set Halley apart was that I personally felt the goodness of her soul and the kindness of her heart fill the entire room.

I recommend you check out her website, work and book. And it appears that Jack Cantfield also agrees with me on this one!

--Kristin Mackey
Speaker and Coach


~  Her acute awareness and intuitiveness are both shocking and impressive. Halley is a very special individual. In my twenty-four years of practice, I have never treated a patient quite like her.
- -Clifford A. Goldstein
D C, Deerfield


~  Halley's 'Now Manifest ALL' class is fun and experiential. It provides many exercises, the most valuable outcome of all for me was the articulation of my dream. Since this dream has been expressed both orally and on a Dream Board, I am attracting a series of magical and synchronistic events, each propelling me forward. Highly recommended!
- -Laura Mendelsohn
Spiritual Medium


~  I'm sure you've seen It's a Wonderful Life, right? I've always been somewhat fascinated by the idea of one person directly affecting others' lives. I've also always pondered how life would be different if I had gone one way instead of the other. Well, what I know for sure is this . . . you have been a blessing in my life, and I know for a fact it would be different had I never met you. . . so "thank God I" did!
- -Bessie
Teacher, Miami


~ Paula is now telling me that she wishes she had time at work to tell you how thankful we are to have you in our lives.  Everything you said at the Healing Circle to her is happening, a lot.  And she was able to hold it together when I was in hospital and about to lose it, because of your call.
- - Harold Butger


~  As we discussed, I'm continuing to work on those little house things so I'm free and able to manifest the love I deserve and am looking for!!!! THANK YOU for leading the way to my happy destiny!"
- - Melissa Elbrand


~  I got out of bed this morning and for about ten minutes my Forehead had a perfect red circle... I had this happen YEARS ago with a treatment from a Peruvian Shaman on my throat Chakra, but THIRD EYE...I should have grabbed my phone and photographed it...but all I could do was stare in awe and be grateful! AMAZING!
--MCV Egan 


~  Frankly, I loved it and loved her! I have witnessed in person many world-class psychics such as John Holland, Lisa Williams and Collette Baren Reid with great respect. What set Halley apart was that I personally felt the goodness of her soul and the kindness of her heart fill the entire room.
--Kristin Mackey
Speaker and Coach


~  Her acute awareness and intuitiveness are both shocking and impressive. Halley is a very special individual….
- -Clifford A. Goldstein
D C, Deerfield


~  OMG! So much of what you told me a few weeks back is coming true. You have never been more right on, in all aspects of my life. I'm beyond amazed. And yes, I did need new brakes. Crazy! Thank you for all the blessings and guidance you bring to me.
- - Melissa Elbrand



~ "I've been to a lot of readers, they all ask a lot of questions. You didn't ask anything, except if all of my questions were answered. And they were! You are right on. Thank you for helping me get my life back in order."

~ "You are so accurate, you are scary!"

~ "I found the money! It was right where you said it would be!"

~ "You were right! He called, just like you said. I didn't believe it, but you were right. Thank you so much."

~ "I am going to kiss your feet. It worked! I did what you said and within 24 hours, a deal I was waiting on came through. God bless you."

~  Yesterday I had a blast at Halley Elise' Psychic Gallery. Her meditation (which is ALWAYS good) touched a particularly high note with me and what I experienced and visualized was extraordinary. The guest speaker Beau Butger was so generous with his experience and just all around fascinating...I know what is the psychic story...

~  Well hold on to your horses. I had some amazing dreams that were very "Chakra" opening types as per the meditation

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