About Spiritual Hypnosis:

Clinical Hypnosis is extremely effective as an instrument for change and today is often used in lieu of medication in a myriad of situations. In the 1950’s The AMA (American Medical Association) acknowledged hypnosis as a viable adjunct to medicine. Clinical Hypnosis is facilitated by State Licensed Mental Health Practitioners

Stage Hypnosis is fun and often the audiences do not realize what is taking place is; there is much that is covert to accomplish entertaining the group. It is not true that a Hypnotist will influence your will, even on stage. There has to be an interest in the activity for it to be accomplished.

Spiritual Hypnosis is the term used to explain the technique facilitated by Halley Elise. It is a compilation of breathing and relaxation techniques that are intuitive in nature, guiding the individual to a deep, peaceful state (very much like meditation); opening the subconscious mind to positive changes via metaphoric images and nice thoughts.

Clinical therapy is not practiced at our office. Halley Elise is a Spiritual Mentor and the techniques used are of a Spiritual and Intuitive nature. Halley Elise connects with the individual’s energy and perceives specific areas to address. Ultimately it is the client who dictates the session. Spiritual Hypnosis gives full control to the client and their desired outcome. Halley Elise acts as an assistant helping to create supportive images.

Many forms of relaxation techniques or modalities operate in the same way…accessing deeper states of consciousness (being calm and relaxed). In a deeper state, you have heightened focus, eliminating the usual conscious censorship of daily life. Those who experience Spiritual Hypnosis have the ability to better concentrate on their desired outcome. Working with Spiritual Hypnosis helps you complete what’s needed without the usual distractions.

Keep in mind you will never be influenced to do anything that is not in alignment with your core belief system. In other words, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. The process is “all” about you!

Using Spiritual Hypnosis as a self-help tool allowing your body to re-energize, utilize oxygen better and gain mental acuity. To reiterate, the individual always remains in full control over themselves and their free will. Spiritual Hypnosis simply allows you to speed up your own process in a manner that is peaceful and comfortable and makes you feel great! 

Halley is the best, she just talks to you and before you know it you are feeling fantastic!!
--R. Petie, Florida

Why did I spend so much money on a vacation, I could have just come here. Wow!
--J. Moore, Florida

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