About Halley Élise

Halley Elise, B Div, C Ht

  • Author, Treasures Within©

  • Columnist Happy Times, Table of Love©

  • Creator and Host of the International Radio Program Conscious Sex©

  • Quantum Life Hour© Host

  • OurBestIdea.com Co-founder

  • Psychic Apprenticeship Program© Creator and facilitator

  • Motivational and Stress Management Trainer/Speaker

  • Boca Raton Chapter President, Conscious Living Partnership (CLP)

Halley's Many Subjects:

Psychic Phenomena, Universal Principles, Energy Practices, Hypnosis, Graphology and Divination. She attended Yeshiva, is an Ordained Non Denominational UB Minister, and is naturally Clairvoyant, Sentient and Intuitive. She is a Meditation Expert, Lecturer and Artist.

Halley has Certification in Divinity, Literacy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Art, Psycho-Social issues and Jungian dream theory. She has conducted programs extensively at Nova, and other South Florida schools, such as Whispering Pines.
Halley has appeared on radio and television many times and has worked with FBI agents and police officers. While participating at the local Renaissance Festival, security would often come to Halley to locate missing children and she would do so successfully. Since childhood she has accurately predicted events from local brownouts to the turnaround in the Anna Nicole case.

Halley has made a contribution to the book series Thank God I...© volume 2 (endorsed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul). Thank God I... is a faith, hope and encouragement compilation of stories that share insight into our ability to transform any situation. Halley Elise along with Dr Bernie Segal (Love, Medicine and Miracles) and many other authors may be found in volume 2.

Mysteries By Halley Elise

Established in 1995; a multifaceted spiritual and holistic practice. The practice uses several different modalities such as spiritual and intuitive guidance, readings, clinical hypnosis, energy balancing, breath-work, meditation, self- improvement and self-empowerment techniques. There are many programs and classes to choose from to help you grow, flourish and master your life.

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